neanderthal – update




Some other lighting, more towards a final look.

tweaked the shader and maps a bit.  will adjust more, ad props, fi some other things, but planning to wrap it up quickly.. In need for some other thing to work on.



quasimodo update

skin test

Got a bit further with my quasimodo project. Trying out some new skinshading techniques. But am not sattisfied with its results so far.

Devided the skinshader setup in more layers, different color maps and epidermal, subdermal maps.  But the balance isnt there yet.
The main problem is the starting is a lot different from the old classic workflow.To get optimal results i will probably layer all the skin properties, and split them up in the shader.

Aldo a color map with simple changes in the hue and contrast might work overal for the still, as a skin setup, i want to experiment with this as much as possible, and have every aspect of the skins final image under a seperate texture or color attribute. As for the eyes they still need some subsurface and more veins.  He will have tears billowing over his cheeks , so his eyes must be a bit reddish and bloodshot.


Rax Hybrid Wolf

skinshade test 9

Been a few days,    lot of time spent on texture tweaking and shader settings.
Just a few more tweaks, and a shader here and the and than its done.

After that, next up will be some hair, drool, and presentation plate enviroment.

And some propper lighting, offcource.  Hope to have it done in a week.
Also busy wit texturing the quasimodo model at the moment.

Will post that soon also.

The setup for the shaders is  miss fast skin with a combination of Mia piped into it for the reflection.


Rax Hybrid wolf

Rax Wolf hybrid3


Beside Quasimodo i’m also busy with a Wolf hybrid like character.

I took all my favorit 4 legged creatures and mixed them up a bit. Some Rat, bear, wolf, tiger, dog things can be found back all over the model.

He will get a hellhound kind of look, mixed up with cold blue eyes. At this moment im done with the modelling, currently making the last textures for the skinshader.






quasimodo wip4b

Busy updating my portfolio.
And one of the starring characters will be quasimodo.
Always loved the character and the reflection it gives on society.
Inspired by charles laughten and Hatton rondo the horror acters from the old times.

Some final tweaks to do on the mesh and the details, than its uvmapping time.

Pretty excited about the new zbrush features, will than do some concept hair on him.And later on some shag hair.