quasimodo update

Got a bit further with my quasimodo project. Trying out some new skinshading techniques. But am not sattisfied with its results so far.

Devided the skinshader setup in more layers, different color maps and epidermal, subdermal maps.  But the balance isnt there yet.
The main problem is the starting is a lot different from the old classic workflow.To get optimal results i will probably layer all the skin properties, and split them up in the shader.

Aldo a color map with simple changes in the hue and contrast might work overal for the still, as a skin setup, i want to experiment with this as much as possible, and have every aspect of the skins final image under a seperate texture or color attribute. As for the eyes they still need some subsurface and more veins.  He will have tears billowing over his cheeks , so his eyes must be a bit reddish and bloodshot.


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