Naiad: Finally, fluids sims node based.


If you haven’t heard of Naiad yet, you probably have been cut off, of the world of cgi.
It mights be the best thing for fluids sims since, well ever.. probably.

It finally brings us a node based working enviroment such as houdini or 3ds max it’s particle system has.
The one main player has been realflow for some time now. pretty much based on the principles of maya’s rigid and soft body dynamics enviroment.

You place field here and there, and some propperties in you’re editor and hope for the best. There never was a good oversight of what was going on, and scripting comes around the corner pretty quickly.  Not to mention just using a single network for more than just one setup wasn’t an option.
Because Naiad is finally a node based setup it is now possible to do a lot of itterations of a fluid sim, without having to tweak to much, or save certain properties. Also it can have different fluid bodys interact with each other with a specific propertie, such as foam, or a extra splash. That can also function on its own, you have to see it to believe it!

I’m trying out some standard stuff with it now, and so far so good. CMIVFX came with a well made introdutction of the fluid program, trying it out at the moment. Will post some playblasts soon.
And maybe expose some oot the drawbacks or things that didn’t go so well ..

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