About me



My name is Ivo Diependaal,  my interest in 3d graphics was triggerd during my graphic design years.
During that study i got in contact with 3ds max, at that time toy story also came out. And was instantly fascinated by the look, feel and possibilities.
It appealed to me as no other, and before i knew it i was spending all my time figuring out how it all worked. How such a movie was made, and how to build my own creations.

After finishing design school i started my studie Animatronics at the time, making clay puppets, and fidling around with strings, the practical work quickly transferd in only digital.
Graduated with my Master in 3d & vfx and started my journey in the industrie where i have had the pleasure f meeting a lot of creative artists and companys. Since that time i have worked on numerous commercials, promotional live realtime projects and just finished working on sprrookjesboom de film. Hollands first entirely dutch made feature animation.

Hobbies:  CG,  movies,  Music , trying to play guitar , games , restore oldtimer.

Music:   Rock, Ska, reggae,

Games: First person Shooters, racing games, visually appealing puzzle games. sports games, tony hawks series, nba series.

Food:     Indonesian, mexican, fries with frikandel speciaal (what?!) best waste meat dellacacy there is. and allmost anything with ketchup.

Movies:  the man from earth, the dark knight, Inception, Dark city , Leon , Aliens, the prestige, perfume , there will be blood, Blade runner, Rattatouille

and many many more.