neanderthal – update




Some other lighting, more towards a final look.

tweaked the shader and maps a bit.  will adjust more, ad props, fi some other things, but planning to wrap it up quickly.. In need for some other thing to work on.



back again!

It has been some time since i’ve posted anything.


Will shortly update the site with a lot of new work.  And probably a new look to the site as well.


Here some images of a current side project i am working on.

Still pretty much a work in progress, but will round it up in te next few weeks.










Forest Troll


Ryan kingslien started visualarium and has a new creature workshop.
I Modeld along with one of the free 3 hour webinars.

Found out some new approaches to concept character sculpting.
It was a pretty good seminar, and even got this character concept design done pretty quick.



Naiad: Finally, fluids sims node based.



If you haven’t heard of Naiad yet, you probably have been cut off, of the world of cgi.
It mights be the best thing for fluids sims since, well ever.. probably.

It finally brings us a node based working enviroment such as houdini or 3ds max it’s particle system has.
The one main player has been realflow for some time now. pretty much based on the principles of maya’s rigid and soft body dynamics enviroment.

You place field here and there, and some propperties in you’re editor and hope for the best. There never was a good oversight of what was going on, and scripting comes around the corner pretty quickly.  Not to mention just using a single network for more than just one setup wasn’t an option.
Because Naiad is finally a node based setup it is now possible to do a lot of itterations of a fluid sim, without having to tweak to much, or save certain properties. Also it can have different fluid bodys interact with each other with a specific propertie, such as foam, or a extra splash. That can also function on its own, you have to see it to believe it!

I’m trying out some standard stuff with it now, and so far so good. CMIVFX came with a well made introdutction of the fluid program, trying it out at the moment. Will post some playblasts soon.
And maybe expose some oot the drawbacks or things that didn’t go so well ..

quasimodo update

skin test

Got a bit further with my quasimodo project. Trying out some new skinshading techniques. But am not sattisfied with its results so far.

Devided the skinshader setup in more layers, different color maps and epidermal, subdermal maps.  But the balance isnt there yet.
The main problem is the starting is a lot different from the old classic workflow.To get optimal results i will probably layer all the skin properties, and split them up in the shader.

Aldo a color map with simple changes in the hue and contrast might work overal for the still, as a skin setup, i want to experiment with this as much as possible, and have every aspect of the skins final image under a seperate texture or color attribute. As for the eyes they still need some subsurface and more veins.  He will have tears billowing over his cheeks , so his eyes must be a bit reddish and bloodshot.


Wolf Hybrid Finished!

Wolf Rax Side Final


It is finally finished, after some tinkering around with shaders im finally happy enough with it to call it done.
Still have some problems with the fur in animation.  The well known issues of flickering and such maya horror.

Hope i get some time to fix it, for now it’s rendering on my machine at 2k+ res and high samples to get most of it out.
At the moment to busy with the next project, and hope that wll fix most of it.  Render takes forever, but lowly but surely my quadcore will deliver!

All shader for the character are miss fast skin in combination with a mia material for spec and reflection. Base model consists of 3 tiles of 6 k textures.
Scene lighted with area lights , and low samples, everything raytraced.



Alien sculpt doing some Face stretching

After a lot of hard work from Jasper  ( all the captured facial animation was piped through the bone setup to the character.
This was a test to see how it would work,  the software is still in development, so for now no extra deformation attributes such as corrective blendshapes or collision shapes where just.

Just bones moving and skinning tweaks.  Turned outpretty nice for the amount of time that was spend.
Next up more production ready tests and alterations.  But for now this looks pretty good.

Did the model about a year ago, as a speed sculpt,it is really great to now see it come to life.


Rax Hybrid Wolf

skinshade test 9

Been a few days,    lot of time spent on texture tweaking and shader settings.
Just a few more tweaks, and a shader here and the and than its done.

After that, next up will be some hair, drool, and presentation plate enviroment.

And some propper lighting, offcource.  Hope to have it done in a week.
Also busy wit texturing the quasimodo model at the moment.

Will post that soon also.

The setup for the shaders is  miss fast skin with a combination of Mia piped into it for the reflection.